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Be sure your candidate completes the application and turns all documents into Ashlee Laird by May 7th.  The applications can be found on the area website and must be filled out in Microsoft Word.  The signature page of the application will need to be turned in on May 17, 2018.  All candidates will be asked to submit a one-page resume with their application.  Candidates are required to use the resume template that is provided on the Area III FFA website.  


The selection process will start on Thursday May 17th.  All candidates will report to the student center at Blinn at 8am.  We will begin with the test and writing prompt.  After that candidates will be provided with lunch before interviews.  The panel interviews will take place after lunch and those will be followed by one-on-one interviews.  On Friday May 18th, students will deliver their speech at the “new” Area III Convention.  All candidates will report to the O’Donnell Performing Arts Center at 8:00 am.  Their initial speech will have a maximum length of two minutes and thirty seconds.  After all candidates have given their speech, delegates will vote for one candidate from their district.  The votes will be added to scores from the 17th and the candidate with the highest score will become an area officer.


From there, the five members of the officer team will give a “run-off” speech that has a maximum of one minute.  After all speeches are given, delegates will vote and those votes will be added to scores from the 17th.  The person with the highest overall score will become president, and the second highest score will become first vice-president.  At that time, the candidate who was runner up to the president in the district race will become the 6th member of the officer team.


If your student is elected to the area officer team, they must attend State Leadership Camp in Stephenville, Texas June 2-5.  The area will be providing transportation for the team.  The team will leave on June 1st and stay in Stephenville for the night.


Area Officers will host the Area Leadership Camp June 18-20 at Camp Lone Star in La Grange.  Officers will report to camp on June 17th to setup and do last minute details.  There will be a planning time period set for the week between SLC and ALC, but that date will be decided on by the officers.

Please contact Heather Davis with an further inquiries.



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