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Attention Area III FFA Officer Candidates:


Congratulations on being selected to represent your district as an Area III FFA Officer Candidate.  This letter has important information you will need to know in order to prepare for the selection process and Area Convention.

You must complete an application in order to be considered for the process.  This application is accessible from the Area III FFA website.  You can work on your application and save as you go. All applications must be submitted by May 3, 2024.
Applications will be emailed to Brooke Lowery (BrookeALowery@KATYISD.ORG )
Transcripts and signature pages may be scanned in and emailed with the application. Should you need to turn the transcript and/or signature page in person, please email Brooke Lowery.
All candidates will be asked to submit a one-page resume with their application. 
Candidates are required to use the resume template that is provided on the Area III FFA website. 
The resume is due by May 3, 2024 and will be a required portion of your application.

Candidates will go through the selection process, in person, on Thursday May 9th. More details will be sent out to the candidates and advisors once the candidates are selected. Speeches will be delivered, in person, at Area Convention on Friday May 10th.

Should you have any questions regarding the application or selection process, please contact Brooke Lowery.


Rules for Campaigning Amanda Simmons 5/14/2018 425 KB
Resume Template Valerie Hirsch 2/9/2022 18 KB
Officer Policy Valerie Hirsch 3/21/2022 756 KB
2024 Area III Officer Application Valerie Hirsch 1/10/2024 2568 KB
2024 Letter to Candidates Valerie Hirsch 1/10/2024 77 KB
2024-2025 Tentative Officer Dates Valerie Hirsch 1/10/2024 95 KB
Writing Exercise Competencies Valerie Hirsch 5/7/2024 31 KB



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