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April 11, 2023

Area III Public Speaking Info
Congratulations on your student(s) advancing to the area contest. We hope that this information will help make their area speaking experience a success. Speaking Events will take place on Thursday, May 12th for all prepared public speaking events, Extemp, and the Spanish Creed Invitational. 

The generic rotation will be published on Judging Card as soon as it is available. 

The following documents must be uploaded INDIVIDUALLY by Saturday, May 9th at Midnight, for all public speaking divisions.  Spanish Creed and Extemp are only responsible for Item 1: a-d:

1. Manuscript (including cover sheet). Due to the online format, we must be able to send information to contestants and teachers.  Include the following information somewhere on the Cover Sheet:

a. Student’s email 
b. Student’s cell phone number
c. Teacher’s email
d. Teacher’s cell phone number

2. Abstract

3. Complete references

4. Statement of originality*

5. SWCB consultation affidavit form (for Soil Stewardship only) * 
As a result of social distancing, we will accept a typed Soil and Water Affidavit and Statement of Originality.  However, on June 1, at the state level, contestants are REQUIRED to have signatures. 

Here is the statement sent out to all SDE Coordinators for your review:

Statement of Originality - We will not be providing a way to obtain signatures electronically. Since students are not able to secure signatures in person, please be prepared to scan images of physically signed documents.  This means the student will need to sign the SOE, email to the advisor, the advisor needs to then print and sign and then upload the final signed SOE.  If you have Adobe or another system that can provide your electronic signature, that will be acceptable as well.
Statement of Originality (Soil Stewardship) - With the approval of the Soil Stewardship Superintendent, we will NOT require the signature of the SWCD representative due to the possible inability to obtain representative signatures.  The regular Statement of Originality from the SDE rules will still need to be signed for this event.
(Per state rules, manuscripts will NOT be scored, but will be reviewed to ensure speeches are in the correct divisions.  This year, Judges will only be receiving a copy of the abstract to ensure the integrity of the contest.)

When you register on Judging Card, you will be responsible for providing the name of the advisor who is accessible for questions regarding materials or in the event we cannot reach the student.  This should be his/her contact information that was provided on the cover sheet.  The student email address does not need to be repeated as it is on the coversheet.  Once materials are reviewed, you and your contestant will receive a confirmation email with additional steps. If you do not receive your confirmation and ZOOM instructions prior to May 13th at 12:00PM, please email or call us. 

If you have a student in two divisions, with the same login time, please make a swap with someone in the rotation and notify us of that switch prior by Midnight on April 13th. 

Extemp speakers will have their materials reviewed at check-in by that proctor. The first extemp speaker will draw their topic at 9:30AM and be checked for official dress by that room’s proctor.  Speakers will continue to draw in 15 minute intervals. Refer to the Extemp ZOOM Speaking Event Instructions for further information regarding requirements for Extemp.  

Once we receive the scoresheets and comments, we will forward them to each school.  Results will be announced online by the Area Officers on Saturday, May 16, at which time all results are final!
Again, congratulations on making it to Area!! We wish each of you the best of luck. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Kacal ( ) or Courtney Webb (

Amanda & Courtney
Area III SDE Coordinators


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