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At the January 2014 meeting the FFA Board of Directors approved the recommendations from the State Degree Check Committee concerning record keeping requirements for Degrees.

***It is NO longer necessary to record IN Class hours. (this was a TEA requirement from long ago and has never had a place in the official Degree requirements)

***How can I get hours to show up on page 3?
Be sure to enter Outside Hours in the "New Course Related Activity" area of the record book.

***How do outside hours work?
*There are no limits on hours recorded for any activity. They should be recorded as they honestly happened. HOWEVER!!! Members can NO longer record hours for contest participation because they are getting that “credit” as one of their activities. They CAN get hours for all the practice they put in prior to the event.

*In order to record these hours,students MUST establish an SAE in that particular area.
Example: Rod is on the livestock judging team and practices for 30 hours prior to the first contest. Rod WILL first establish an EXPLORATORY SAE in Livestock Evaluation OR Career Development (if he will also be on Range and Pasture, Range Plant ID, Nursery, etc.). Rod is also on the Chapter Conducting team, he WILL first establish an EXPLORATORY SAE in Leadership Development. Rod does lots of community service, he WILL first establish an EXPLORATORY SAE  in Service Learning OR he will record this as an unpaid PLACEMENT  SAE.

***I have a member that I know has 10 activities BUT they do not show up!
That's because District and Area combine to count as only 1 activity. Separate these out by entering one in "New FFA-related Activity" and one in "New FFA Competition Activity." Example: District 4 Sr Chapter Conducting, Area 3 Sr Chapter Conducting. Enter District 4 Sr Chapter Conducting in the "New FFA-related Activity" and Area 3 Sr Chapter Conducting in "New FFA Competition Activity."

***How do you get the correct 10 activities on page 12of application? or show more than 1 page 12?
*This year AET has fixed the applications so that there will be no limit to the activities that print out on page 12 because it is supposed to compile the application in .pdf  format and this cannot be changed like the old EXCEL applications.

***Where do I get a cover for the record book? Covers are NOT necessary for a record book but if you want one to protect it from getting messed up then…
*Make yourself one! We use card stock and include the following information on the cover: Chapter Name, Member Name, Date: _________ to___________. Be sure the records end on April 1 of the application year. THEN,we attach a blank piece of card stock on the back. Staple all together...slide into a big brown envelope. Put the application right down into the envelope OR clip to the front.

***SAE agreements/PLANS?
*These are generated when the member enters an item into Experience Manager. There appears as a "plan" link where they can go in and explain their rental agreement ("My parents allow me to keep my______ in our barn/pens/cages/garden in exchange for labor performed on the farm/house/yard.") or their PLAN for a particular SAE (I plan to learn and understand all motions in the Parliamentary Guide in order to be successful in Chapter Conducting. This means I will spend 8 hours each week studying and practicing with my team). Print AT LEAST the SAE agreement for the current year. If the member MUST use wages from a Placement SAE to obtain their Lone Star THEN they MUST include Training Plans for that Placement SAE (at least I think that is still relevant). Sample Training Plans used to be on IMS. I'm sure Brenham or Weimar has some you could get. 

***How do service hours work?
*To qualify for the Lone Star Degree, a member must have accumulated a minimum of 25 community service hours in at least 2 different activities. (Remember they must have 10 hours to receive the Chapter FFA Degree.) When entering, PLEASE be sure to enter the information so that it is clear to those looking for them (Example: We C.A.N. 6 hours or the BETTER way is We C.A.N. Community Food Bank volunteer - 6 hours). 
*These hours may appear as an FFA event or as a community activity BUT both count for the total volunteer hour accumulation. Be aware though, if the member records this as an EXPLORATORY SAE and needs the hours to qualify for the degree, the first 25 hours will go to the Community Service requirement and the remaining will go towards the degree.

(Clear as mud?) 

For Example: if Johnny needs 400 hours to complete the requirements for the Lone Star Degree and plans to get them through Exploratory SAEs and then puts 3 hours volunteer at Weimar FFA Ag in the Classroom THEN... Johnny’s 3 hours will go to the 25 Community Service hours first BUT he will NOT get the 3 hours towards his 400. 
Bottom line- make sure to get more hours than you need if they have to be used to qualify for the Degree. 

***How do the 10 activities above the chapter level in at least 3 of 6 different categories work?
*Members must have those 10 activities ABOVE the CHAPTER level and they must be identifiable to someone other than the member and/or their adviser AND they must be in at least 3 of the following categories: 1)  leadership development events, 2) career development events, 3) conventions and meetings,4) project shows, 5) student awards and 6) leadership and service. 

***Where does Agriscience fall?
*Participation in Agriscience Fair is considered a CDE. 

***Where can I find requirements to obtain the Texas FFA Lone Star Degree? (See following from Texas FFA Constitution 1/10/2014)
ArticleVI, Section D

Section E. State FFA Degree/Lone Star Farmer Degree -- To be eligible for the State FFA Degree from the State Association, the member must meet the following minimum qualifications:

1. Have received the Chapter FFA Degree.

2. Have been an active FFA member for at least two years (24 months) at the time of receiving the State FFA Degree.

3. Have satisfactorily completed the equivalent of at least four semesters of systematic school instruction in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at or above the ninth grade level,which includes a supervised agricultural experience program.

4. Have earned and productively invested at least $1,000 or worked at least 300 hours in excess of scheduled class time, or combination thereof, and have developed plans for continued growth and improvement in a supervised agricultural experience program. The combination of hours multiplied by a factor of 3.33 and dollars must exceed or equal the number 1,000.

5. Have demonstrated leadership ability by:

a. Performing ten procedures of parliamentary law.

b. Giving a six-minute speech on a topic relating to agriculture or the FFA.

c. Serving as an officer, committee chairperson, or participating member of a major committee.

6. Have a satisfactory scholastic record as certified by the local Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources instructor and the principal or superintendent.

7. Have participated in the planning and completion of the chapter program of activities.

8. As of April 1, have completed ten activities above the chapter level in at least three of six different categories: leadership development events, career development events,conventions and meetings, project shows, student awards and leadership and service as described in policies adopted by the Board of Directors.

9. As of April 1 of the year the member is to receive the degree, have participated in at least 25 hours of community service within at least two different community service activities.These hours are in addition to and cannot be duplicated as paid or unpaid SAE hours.

Written records of achievement of all requirements, verified by the chapter FFA advisor, shall be submitted to the State Association at least one month prior to the state FFA convention at which the State FFA Degree is to be received. The State FFA Executive Directorshall provide for a review of the records and submit a recommendation to theState FFA Board of Directors, which shall nominate at the State FFA conventionthe candidates who have been found worth to receive the honor. The State FFA Degree will be conferred upon the candidate subject to approval by the delegates at the state convention.



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