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Lonestars: (Closes 4/1 of Application Year)


Ag. Courses 
  • A member must have a min. of 4-semesters of ag-courses 
    It is NO longer necessary to record IN Class hours 

FFA Activities by TypeA member must have
• Completed a min. of 10 FFA approved activities
• Activities are above the chapter level
• Activities are in 3 different categories and do not repeat

Journal Entries for  Community Service – 
• A min. of 25 hours of Community Service must be listed
• At least 2 different activities of service
• Activities DOES NOT benefit the FFA Chapter and helps/aids someone else
• Activities are NOT duplicated as an SAE


• Student must have a SAE that spans each year of ag. courses ( 1 SAE per year of membership (at least 3))
* If your chapter has a Spring purchase and fall show for animals, consider having students complete a Foundational or Research based SAE during their greenhand year
*CDE's and LDE's CANNOT be counted as SAE's

SAE Plan:
 (Description or time) – 
• Each SAE has important items: *use the terminology below to help judges/graders find info efficiently 
{Entrepreneurship - rental agreement, barter and labor exchange}
{Placement - terms of employment}
{Research - research objectives}
{Foundational – time plan}



(Financial Inv.) – 
• If not an entrepreneurship SAE - indicate no financial investment required if none is required or list anything you may deem    relevant, make sure your statement matches what you log in your finances
 * If it is an Entrepreneurship, the SAE Financial plan must explain how they acquired or use non-current assets (equipment, breeding animals, etc…)


  (SAE Skills) – 
• Each SAE must have at least THREE curriculum objective(s)/SAE Skills

(Journal & Financial) – 
• Each SAE must have  relevant entries in their journal and or financial section, which may include:
(1) All SAEs include relevant journal records (weekly, monthly or align to SAE plan)
(2) For SAEs that should have financial records (based on type and plan description), cash and non-cash financials are relevant to the SAE
*If your student purchases feed at one time for an animal project, it would make sense to have it indicated in their journal as paying my feed bill at the local feed store. Ex) Financial Entry : 10/3/2019 "Local Feed Store" 30 bags of feed, Journal Entry for 10/3/2019 purchased 30 bags of feed for my livestock project, will pick up approx. 2 bags a week

If Livestock SAEs - Operating Expense & Non-Current Items – 
(1) Market livestock SAE(s) have expenses for animals purchased (Inv. Purchase, non-cash transfers or other listed in each SAE expenses or profit/loss)
(2) Breeding livestock SAE(s) have breeding animals as non-current items 
*Make sure you BUY your animals!!*


If Entrepreneurship SAEs, SAE Profit/Loss Report Market Adjustment – 
(1) If market adjustments do exist in the SAE, are values relevant * see document regarding Market Adjustments for projects

Placement SAEs
SAE Details (Journal & Financial)
(1) Paid placement, paycheck and journal records must be included at least weekly, monthly or follow the SAE plan (ex, annual or harvest year)

(2) Unpaid, journal records must be at least daily, weekly or monthly

Research SAEs,  (Journal)
(1) Research SAE(s), journal records must be at least daily, weekly or monthly



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