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NEW Area 3 and 11 Disbursement Formulas (6/14/2017)
Area Funds Disbursement Formula and
District Funds Disbursement Formula

NEW Area 3 information (4/27/17):


In addition to the Area 3 convention schedule for May 12th, all chapters in the New Area 3 will be asked to remain after closing ceremonies have been completed to conduct a short business session in the gym.

The newly elected area officers residing in the New Area 3 will serve as chairmen for this session, with the highest ranking officer serving as chair.

 Items to discussed include: District Alignment Proposal, Constitution and Procedures Proposal (please reference attachments below)



Area III and Area XI met at MidWinter Conference (01/09/2017) to consider new district proposals within the respective Areas. 

Resultant selections by majority vote at each individual Area meeting can be found below.


Area Funds Disbursement Formula Area 3 Admin 6/14/2017 51 KB
District Funds Disbursement Formula Area 3 Admin 6/14/2017 45 KB
Proposed Realignment of Area III (beginning 2018) Area III Admin 4/27/2017 55 KB
Proposed Realigned Area III Constitution (4/27/17) Area III Admin 4/27/2017 41 KB
Proposed Realigned Area III Membership Policy (4/27/17) Area III Admin 4/27/2017 109 KB
Area III- 5 Districts (approved 01/13/2017) Area III Admin 1/18/2017 69 KB
Area 3 Agenda Area 3 Admin 7/24/2017 11 KB
Area III Committees and Other Info Amanda Simmons 1/25/2018 69 KB
MidWinter 2018 Minutes Amanda Simmons 1/25/2018 14 KB



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